Rumor: WWE will bring back the former universal champion


WWE has undergone many changes since Vince McMahon was fired under questionable circumstances, and quite a few changes have been made under the leadership of Triple H, the new creative director of the entire show. The latest shake-up in the sport was the rumor that Brown Strowman, the former WWE universal champion, is returning to WWE.

This report, which is sure to whet the appetites of wrestling fans around the world, comes from the team , who were among the first to tell the story of the champion’s return to the ring, confirmed by several WWE sources who say Strowman will appear. Monday at WWE Raw in Kansas City.

When he was just starting out, Vince McMahan was preparing Strowman for fame back in 2013, trying to mold another star champion to fill the sacred halls of WWE. Enter Brown Strowman (real name Adam Scherr), a former strongman contestant who fought the Wyatt family for the first time and was knocked down. The guy couldn’t sell to anyone without getting top-down approval, and the same went for what punches he was allowed to take, and it was all part of the process of creating the next megastar.

Having received an invitation to WWE Raw in 2016, Strowman became a monster in singles for the public, fighting one, two, three guys at the same time and destroying them all during the match. There was a long-standing feud with Roman Raines, but the strange suspension of WWE seemed almost a betrayal. He took home the Money in the Bank briefcase and became a major winner of the first “Greatest Battle Royale”, but whenever it came time for Strowman to claim the title in a scheduled match, news from the management always changed the poor guy’s position.

In 2019, Strowman joined the Smackdown roster and won the universal title at Wrestlemania 36, which was held during the pandemic, where Goldberg replaced the previously scheduled Roman Reigns at the last second. Another feud began when Strowman faced Bray Vyatt, to whom Strowman lost at Summerslam 2020, where Raines reappeared and defeated them both, securing a place at the top of Smackdown. Nothing special about his release—Strowman’s independent wrestling appearances have been few and far between—returning home to WWE for the upcoming Raw in Kansas City makes sense.


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