Rumor: The Halo Infinite joint campaign may be postponed again


Halo fans continue to wait for several important additions to Halo Infinite a few months after the launch of the game at the end of 2021. This is a disappointing situation for all parties, including 343 Industries, as the initial positive response to the Halo Infinite campaign was drowned in disappointment over the monetization of the game, support for the real-time service, as well as the lack of Forge and collaborative online play. On Thursday, 343 plans to unveil a roadmap for the near future of Halo Infinite, but ahead of the 343 announcements, there seems to be confirmation that other bad news is coming.

A Twitter post from Halo Community director Brian Jarrard hints that support for the Halo Infinite collaborative campaign may come later than expected. Jarrard’s message was in no way an explicit confirmation of the delay. But his message wasn’t necessarily subtle either. The post was a response to a Halo fan’s joke about the reaction of the Halo community if the co-op game is indeed postponed. Jarrard explained that the goals of releasing new features are “currently solvable, but of course they can be changed.”

After this clear hint that the Halo Infinite co-release window may have been “subject to change,” Jarrard then points to tomorrow’s roadmap update for Halo Infinite development for more information. In the roadmap, according to Jarrard, there will be more information about what Halo Infinite players can expect in the next few months.

At the moment, the co-op for Halo Infinite remains without a release date. There have been theories that the co-op could be released as part of the next season of Halo Infinite, which is believed to be released around November. If Jarrard’s hints are correct, the co-op may not appear until 2023, when another season of Halo Infinite arrives.

If the delay does happen, Halo Infinite fans will probably experience mixed feelings. 343 Industries felt comfortable offering Halo fans an early introduction to the co-op in July, and then conducted a test flight for the game mode. The transition from a relatively massive test run and public demonstration to a potential delay indicates that there may be serious problems with the game mode.

The potential delay of the Halo Infinite co-op mode would be just the latest unpleasant problem that has arisen in Halo Infinite. Once touted as the largest Halo release in franchise history, a game with a 10-year plan, an extensive post-launch content schedule, and promotion in various media, Halo Infinite has faced delays, feature cuts, and controversy. along with the riots inside 343 itself. Halo fans, however, will be waiting for tomorrow’s unveiling of the Halo Infinite roadmap in search of a sign that the future of the game is getting brighter.

Halo Infinite is already available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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