Rumor: The Division Battle Royale game may be in development


Fans of The Division have been interested in the possibility of a royal battle for many years. In 2017, Ubisoft even conducted a survey asking if The Division players wanted to include Battle Royale in the franchise. There have been rumors since, but the Battle royale was never realized, as Ubisoft instead released the now-defunct Hyper Scape. However, this may change, as there is a new rumor that a separate royal battle of The Division may be back on track.

As Jeff Grubb reported in the Game Mess podcast, Ubisoft is potentially reviving the battle royale project The Division, which was previously in development for some time. The game was known in Ubisoft under the code name Reaper and may have been in development since 2018. However, the Reaper was eventually postponed in part due to disappointing reviews of players’ first impressions. Now the Reaper can return, retooled to offer a more unique battle royale experience.

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The new Battle Royale project The Division is not being rebuilt from scratch, which may mean that its release will be accelerated. Instead of being redesigned, it is described as being retrofitted with “roguelike features”. Division has historically been based on class. Presumably, the “Roguelike functions” can be as simple as eliminating The Division’s class attributes and focusing on random loot drops not only for weapons and equipment, but also for abilities.

It is also explicitly stated that the battle royale project The Division is being revived because Hyper Scape failed and Ubisoft still wants a successful battle royale. Of course, this is not an abnormal strategy for a major game publisher. Most publishers are exploring massive free online multiplayer games, considering how profitable they can be.

Ubisoft should also understand better than others that the online services market is currently oversaturated, and market entry is not guaranteed. For each League of Legends there are Perfect and Guardians of Middle-earth. There is a Hyper Scape for every PUBG and Fortnite. We hope that Ubisoft will take what it has learned from the fight against Hyper Scape and apply it to make The Battle Royale of The Division a great game with a live service.

At the moment, fans of the Division and the Battle Royale should treat the rumors with a fair amount of skepticism. Ubisoft is currently going through a small transition. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is being postponed, and four Ubisoft projects have reportedly been canceled. It is unclear if this has affected the Battle Royale of The Division, if it exists at all. And even if the game is in development, it may take some time before it is announced. Expect further updates in the coming months or years.

Rumor has it that the Battle Royale of The Division is in development.


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