Rumor: Sony paid to remove the Cult of the Lamb from the Walkthrough

As part of the ongoing Microsoft deal between Activision and Blizzard, there have been very public disputes between Sony and Microsoft. Sony has stated that Call of Duty is a ruthless force that should not be its own game, while Microsoft has stated a couple of times that it will not limit Call of Duty to one platform. However, Microsoft also stated that Sony pays for “blocking rights” that do not allow third-party developers to place games in the Game Pass service.
In a sense, this is nothing new. Documents allegedly leaked last year revealed a deal between Sony and Capcom that prevented the latter from placing Resident Evil Village on the Xbox Game Pass, and while one could say something about the competition between Sony and Microsoft, Sony’s response to the Game Pass should not be to pay to keep games away from it. Now the latest game to be involved in this drama is Devolver Digital’s indie hit, Cult of the Lamb.
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In it, players take on the role of a possessed lamb who must build a cult in the name of the sinister creature that saved them. This is an interesting premise, and Cult of the Lamb is compared to Animal Crossing and Hades, which speaks well about the popularity of the game. However, it is not in the Xbox Game Pass, and fans have noticed it. Many Xbox gamers are so used to the games of the first day on Game Pass that everything that is not there seems strange, especially considering that someone who owns a PlayStation and Xbox console can use the latter, since it is part of an already paid subscription service. . Rumor has it that Sony paid to keep Cult of the Lamb out of the Game Pass.
This comes from Gary Witta of Kinda Funny, who claims to have heard from a source that Sony did exactly the same thing with Cult of the Lamb. That’s all he really has to say about it, but given the competitive atmosphere and Sony’s seemingly well-known use of “blocking rights,” it’s easy to believe this rumor. Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt, but anyone who wants to hear Witta’s point of view on the situation can do it HERE (NOTE: The clip contains profanity).
It’s unlikely that more will ever be revealed, and it’s unlikely that if it does happen, it will stop anytime soon. “Blocking rights” is a controversial practice that can be argued for a long time. However, perhaps with Sony creating its new PS Plus levels as a more embedded competitor to the Xbox Game Pass, all of this could change.
Cult of the Lamb is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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