Rumor: PS Plus Premium may add a Classic JRPG for PS1


When it comes to the Sony PlayStation Plus subscription service, subscribers have three tiers to choose from. There’s the PS Plus Essential base level, the PS Plus Extra level, which adds access to a lot of games for PS4 and PS5, and then PS Plus Premium, which is the most expensive PlayStation Plus level. The big advantage of PS Plus Premium is the library of classic games of the PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 eras, some of which have added bells and whistles, such as trophy support.

At the time of this writing, it is unclear how often Sony will update its PS Plus Premium line. After the initial launch in June, fans received the July PS Plus Premium update, which added a few more classic games that fans could try out, although there are many major releases that are still missing. Now it seems that one of these missing games may be added to PS Plus Premium in the relatively near future.

According to the latest rumors, the classic Japanese role-playing game for PS1, The Legend of Dragoon, may be added to the PS Plus Premium line. This rumor started because of a retweet by Shuhei Yoshida from Sony, who retweeted a three-year-old tweet by the composer Legend of Dragoon. This has led some to connect the dots and suggest that Yoshida is teasing something related to Legend of Dragoon, and most likely the game will appear on PS Plus Premium soon.

While some might think it’s a stretch, it makes sense for Legend of Dragoon to eventually upgrade to PS Plus Premium. After all, Legend of Dragoon is the first PlayStation version, which means it won’t have to overcome the licensing hurdles that third—party PS Plus Premium games might face. Not only that, Sony will have to add content to PS Plus Premium regularly if it hopes to retain its subscribers and attract newcomers to the platform, and therefore it can be assumed that Legend of Dragoon will eventually be added, even if it doesn’t happen soon.

It is most likely that Legend of Dragoon will be released on PS Plus Premium, but there is another possibility, although fans should not hold their breath. Yoshida may be hinting at a remake of Legend of Dragoon, but that’s unlikely. And, of course, it cannot be ruled out that this retweet does not mean anything, so fans should remember this as well.


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