Rumor: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ‘Leak’ Claim to Show a Regional Option for Wooper


Pokemon fans who have followed the franchise for generations understand that half of the fun of each new game is the build—up. This is not only a stream of Pokemon disclosures from Game Freak, but also an endless celebration of the franchise among fans. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are no different in this respect. And, as with previous Pokemon releases, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are already getting their own fan art, fan theories, and fake leaks, such as this “concept art” for a regional variant of Wooper.

The artwork, modeled to look like part of the Game Freak concept, is currently being distributed on social media. It depicts a regional version of the Whooper Pokemon, a popular armless water/land-type Pokemon first released in Pokemon Gold and Silver. The regional variant is now a venomous/electric type Pokemon with yellow skin, plus-shaped eyes and purple branching gills that now look like lightning rods.

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Also shown is a second Pokemon, a regional variant of the evolution of the Whooper Quagsire. Quagsire is a completely different Pokemon than what fans remember. Apparently, he now has an orange hoop around his waste, big orange balls on his hands, a fork/crown tail that looks like an electric plug, and apparently he’s “starving!” He even has a little drool on his chin. Perhaps he craves electrons. This Quagsire is also a poison/electric type Pokemon.

Rumors/Spoiler/Fake regional form Rumor has it that the translation of the concept art from PokemonScarletViolet

What’s especially funny, if not funny, about this “leaked” concept is that it tries to mimic some things from past real leaks. For example, the big red “Confidential” symbol in the lower right corner is a return to the official leak. art for the initial evolutions of Gen 7, Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina, Now every fake leak is trying to recreate a similar style of concept art, always with a big red confidential logo included.

To be clear, this piece of “leaked” art is almost certainly forged. It’s not just about the funny confidential logo, but also about the quality of the art and the stupidity of the design (especially Quagsire). Any fan of Whooper, for example, should see a few examples of how this design differs from the original, whether it’s the way the gills are attached to the head, the shape of the legs, the absence of a neck or something else.

Fake or not, it’s always interesting to think about possible Pokemon leaks for upcoming games. Although this work of art is clearly a fake, there may be other leaks that may be true. After all, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will most likely have regional variants, and there will definitely be some new creative Pokemon to discover.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on Switch.