Rumor points to the arrival of Lara Croft skin in Fornite


We’ve already seen iconic characters like Kratos, Predator and Master Chief making skin-like appearances in Fortnite, but it may be that even the protagonist of Tomb Raider appears in the famous Battle Royale. At least that says a rumor from a Twitter user named Mang0e, who did data mining in the game files and found what might be the model for Lara Croft’s skin.

The model is of a female character codenamed “Typhoon”, which would have cosmetic variations on her skin depending on an action by the players. This alone is not enough to guess that this would be Lara Croft, as you can imagine.

What made many people believe that this skin belongs to our dear Lara Croft is the fact that Tomb Raider’s official Twitter account made a post with only a woman’s emojis, a bow and arrow and a pickaxe. While the woman and the bow refer to Lara, the pickaxe is Fornite’s most basic tool for obtaining construction materials.

Other than that, it would not be so strange to see the character in this game, after all, the Tomb Raider franchise had a good revitalization after the 2013 reboot and the 2018 Shadow of the Tomb Raider sequel.

But as there was no confirmation from Epic Games or those responsible for Lara Croft’s games, the way is to wait for an official announcement of this unprecedented skin! Do you think it would be interesting to see even more crossovers of this type in Fornite in the future? Comment below what other character skins I would like to see!


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