Rumor: Insiders Revealed the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fighting Trick

The worldwide reveal of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet took place on Pokemon Day, back in February of this year, and since then The Pokemon Company has been much quieter than usual. On June 1, the official trailer appeared, which showed three more Pokemon in the form of Lechonka, Smoliva and Pavmi, as well as boxed legendaries for Gen 9, called Corydon and Miraydon. However, after the release of the second trailer, the official channels fell silent, and many fans are asking for more details.
In this news drought, there have been several alleged leaks on the internet about all sorts of things for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but only a small percentage of them are trustworthy. The only source of information about Pokemon with a confirmed track record in the community is named Riddler Hu, but recently another person running a Twitter account called PokemonLEAKS provided some leaks. However, not all of them are accurate, as PokemonLEAKS claims to share both false and truthful information regardless. Nevertheless, Riddler Hu recently confirmed that some of these leaks are indeed true.
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PokemonLEAKS shared several tweets today that include snapshots of conversations between their source and some followers, all conducted in broken Japanese so that Nintendo would not identify them. These screenshots include rough translations of what the PokemonLEAKS source is talking about, which is a fighting trick for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Apparently, players will be able to enhance a certain type of movement belonging to their Pokemon by activating a combat trick, increasing the damage done and possibly enhancing secondary effects. This supposedly works for one type of Pokemon per Pokemon.
However, it also seems that players will be able to change the type of movements that their Pokemon can enhance during battles in certain locations found in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region. This can be an incredibly strategic tool for Pokemon players because it will allow STAB moves to do even more damage or non-STAB moves to do more damage, making them more effective for a short time. Another reason something like this makes sense for Gen 9 is that the first Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer showed an input wheel in the main square of what appears to be the biggest city in the games.
The source of PokemonLEAKS is the same one that leaked Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Gym Leaders, as well as blurred, cropped images of the evolution of Sprigatito and Quaxly. So everyone agrees that these new leaks are true, especially after Xu’s confirmation, but some details may have been lost in translation.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.