Rumor: A new 2D Mario game is in development with the return of an unexpected character


Super Mario began as a 2D side-scrolling platformer, and although the franchise included exciting 3D adventures, it still repeatedly returned to its roots. The incredible popularity of New Super Mario Bros. The Nintendo DS sparked a resurgence of 2D Super Mario games, which lasted until the release of the New Super Mario Bros. U in 2012, followed by projects such as the Super Mario Run mobile game and Super Mario Maker games. . It’s been almost ten years since the real 2D Super Mario adventure, but it looks like the wait has come to an end soon.

Nintendo leader Zippo, who has accurately leaked Nintendo news in the past, said they have information about an unannounced 2D Super Mario game. According to Zippo, this new 2D Super Mario project will not have the slogan “New Super Mario”, abandoning the style of this sub-series to embrace an amazing new art style. It is reported that the game will feature an online multiplayer game and the return of the little-known character Forman Spike, who appeared as Mario’s rival in Wrecking Crew.

As for when Super Mario fans will have the opportunity to play this new 2D Super Mario game for themselves, Zippo claims that the game is “very far away” in development and could be almost finished. Nintendo apparently hopes to release it at some point in 2023 or 2024, so it doesn’t seem like fans should expect a surprise Super Mario release this holiday season or anything like that. Of course, all this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Zippo has accurately leaked Nintendo news in the past, but they’ve also leaked information that hasn’t come true yet, so fans can wait and see how these predictions come true before putting too much faith in the latest claims. One big statement from Zippo was that Nintendo had a new Donkey Kong Country game in development, although it hadn’t been announced yet at the time of this writing.

Despite this, it is likely that Nintendo will want to make a new 2D Super Mario game. Some of the best—selling video games of all time are the 2D adventures of Super Mario, and therefore it doesn’t make sense to leave the franchise dormant for too long. As for the claims that Foreman Spike is returning, that’s pretty plausible too, since the character is reportedly going to be featured in a Super Mario movie, and so it would make sense to bring him back into the spotlight in video games as well.

Reputable sources claim that Nintendo will host Nintendo Direct pretty soon, so maybe this 2D Super Mario game will be announced right then. For now, however, fans definitely need to keep their expectations in check.


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