Rumbleverse: how to choose the best place to land


How to choose the best place to place good landing pads

Every battle royale needs a way to distribute players across the map before bringing them all together for the final confrontation. Many games solve this problem by allowing players to fall on the map from above and descend to any place that they think will give them the greatest advantage over enemies.

BR Brawler Rumbleverse is no different at first glance, but the game’s unique melee mechanics make the fights play out completely differently than in a traditional ranged battle royale. Players who want to improve their gameplay and just have more fun will naturally want to know which drop points in the game are the best. Here’s everything a player needs to know about choosing the best place to land.

How to choose the best place to land

In Rumbleverse and other games like Fortnite, the style of play helps determine which places are best to land. Players with a sweatier, more confrontational style will strive to get into a fight as soon as possible, competing with other players for the best loop, so they will need high-level dropout spots popular among others. Players who like to take their time, try their hand at matches, or simply prefer a less risky start, will want to land locations away from the initial chaos.

The player won’t know what each part of the map has to offer in terms of loot, player density, or defensive advantages until they explore, so the number one tip for choosing a good landing spot is to explore as much as possible. a map if possible. When a player has more experience, it is easier for him to understand what he is looking for. Rumbleverse is a great battle royale for beginners, but it takes time to master it.

Perhaps the most obvious dropout location is also one of the best in the game, albeit only for players with an aggressive style of play. A huge skyscraper in the center of the map is the very definition of a hot fall, with high—level loot and unique architecture, thanks to which it is easy to detect, it is desirable to assemble it and get an advantageous position if others are lower. Since the skyscraper is one of the most popular drops in the game, throwing there is a good way to guarantee early fights.

The downside, of course, is that if you’re still building up your skills (or you’re just unlucky), falling here may be the fastest way to die. The Bell Tower is a good alternative for players looking for high—level loot and a combat zone, offering good loot and an excellent vantage point at the top. In stupid competitive games like this, it’s important to know your skill, but sometimes it’s useful to just jump into a fight.

Good landing sites

Gazebogon (a multi—faceted blue gazebo with open sides located in the park) is an excellent and underrated dropout place, which often has excellent loot boxes, but only a part of the players who are not in the Skyscraper. With protection from unexpected elbows thanks to the roof, combined with easy escape routes in any direction thanks to open walls, Gazebogon gives players with different skill levels a chance to fight both during the fall and later in the match.

Another great place to dump is the highway. Many players ignore this place because compared to other brighter and more impressive locations there is simply nothing to look at. Players who skip it based on aesthetics alone are making a mistake, as the highway is a quality mining spot that most players ignore, allowing players who go there to set their own pace of the match.

However, players thinking of jumping down there will want to make sure they land on the highest part of the highway, as it is not so easy to see the attackers approaching on the slopes and lower sections. In each BR, a player can do things that will cost him a victory, and in Rumbleverse, the loss of a growth advantage can be one.

Rumbleverse is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series One and X/S.


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