RU GT: How Vicky Shows that She Shouldn’t Come Back after Season 2


Vicki Gunvalson appears in season 2 of the TV series “Real Housewives: A Trip for Girls” after she was fired from the TV series “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Some fans consider her attitude towards RHOC to be the reason for her downfall. Nothing seems to have changed in RHUGT, and after just three episodes, there are already a number of signs that she no longer belongs to the franchise.

Vicky’s legacy in the Real Housewives universe, who is constantly referred to as the “big girl from The OC,” is undeniable. Her time on the show came with the ups and downs expected of a longtime reality TV actor. Whether it’s relentlessly running a business, trying to keep a friendship afloat, or taking on the burden of a particularly nasty scam with an ex-partner and cancer, Vicky’s journey to RHOC has often been difficult. However, towards the end of her run, fans began to see a different side of Vicky that they considered worthy. Perceptions of her changed as she struggled to keep her place on “her show,” and showed an aversion to any woman who joined the cast.

Social media was divided when it was announced that Vicky would be returning as part of the All ex-Wives season of The Real Housewives Trip. The first three episodes of the show aired, and it has already become clear to some that she was delayed in the franchise. The attitude that ultimately meant the end of her time on RHOC has returned, and it manifests itself in several ways.

Anti-vaccine comments

When the women were sitting outside and talking in episode 2, Vicky revealed that she had COVID shortly before the trip. When Eva Marcil mentioned that she had received two COVID vaccinations, as well as a revaccination, Vicky intervened. She said that it is necessary to put an end to vaccinations, otherwise it will be a “rabbit hole” in which the world will collapse. She then mentioned that vaccination is a way to make money for Big Pharma, before answering “yes” to Eva, who asked if Vicky was against vaccinations. There was an immediate lull in the dynamics when Dorinda Medley called on Wiki to separate science from politics.


From the moment Vicky entered Dorinda’s Bluestone estate, she struggled to show any excitement. From the question “why would someone live here in the wilderness?” to Dorinda’s question: “Are you scared when you’re alone?” and “what are you doing here?” Vicky’s attitude was immediately negative and judgmental. Then, when she sat down with Tamra Judge, Brandi Glanville and Taylor Armstrong while they waited for food, Vicki lost her patience. She asked the staff at the house to bring other women. “It seems that Vicky has such a right attitude,” Brandy said in her confession. “She’s rude, to be honest.”

Unwillingness to participate

By episode 3, women began to notice that Vicky was reducing the energy of the group. Another day at Bluestone Manor meant another bunch of activities, and Dorinda planned a game day for the whole group. When the actors dispersed to get ready, Vicky complained to Tamra that she was “not a fan of games.” Then she asked to call a paramedic to the place. Tamra, who had been friends with Vicky for many years, knew where everything was going: “Every time I go on a trip with Vicky, she either gets sick or gets injured and goes to the hospital.” Her sudden bout of illness freed her from the game day and further separated her from the rest of the band The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.