RTX 4080 Laptops Have a Test Leak


After a major leak from Romania, tests of future RTX 4080 laptops were also leaked.

A major update to Nvidia’s laptop graphics cards has been met with some leaks over the past few weeks. One came from a computer store from Romania that listed the prices and Intel processors that would join the 40 series in their portable form.

However, we had no indication as to what the performance would be on future laptops. According to Benchleaks, this has now changed with a whopping 20 percent increase over the 3080 Ti GPUs found in popular laptops like the Razer Blade and Gigabyte Aorus.

Benchleaks noticed that the Geekbench test was conducted on an Acer Predator PH16-71, which is equipped not only with a 4080, but also with a top-end i9-13900HX and 32 GB of DDR5 RAM.


Compared to the 3070, there is an increase of 25%, while the new GPU is estimated to be 20% ahead of its predecessor.

Geekbench is a software used in our own reviews that will upload data to their servers for comparison with everyone else. However, neither Acer nor Nvidia announced the hardware in the test.

RTX 40-series laptops: price and release dates

Looking at the HP Omen leak a couple of weeks ago, we see that the expected price of their highest-end laptop (4090 with 13700HX) will be around $4,000, and we expect this laptop to sit idle too. .

With CES approaching, we can expect the announcement of the Acer Predator update. However, we may not see anything directly from Nvidia until their next presentation.

This does not mean that laptops will not be announced and released during this time, as RTX 4080 laptops are expected to start appearing around the beginning of 2023.

This year we will be covering CES 2023 from afar, so be sure to keep an eye on our special section when something starts happening.


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