RTX 3080: can mine cryptocurrencies at $ 128,000 / year


The largest video card manufacturer on the market, Nvidia launched last September a new series of high-performance GPUs, the RTX 3000 family composed of the RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090. With a very advanced graphics processing capability, the new boards are much desired, but not just by gamers.

As one of the activities for which video cards are used is mining Bitcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies at home, miners have been buying Nvidia equipment in closed boxes, to connect them in series for better rates hash, the cryptocurrency algorithm that converts information into a hexadecimal numeric string of fixed size.

Simon Byrne’s powerful system

Recently, the Tech ARP website released images of an ETH (Ethereum) mining system, located in Las Vegas, with a total of 78 units of RTX 3080 graphics cards, capable of rendering to the owner, the already famous Simon Byrne, a total of US $ 128 thousand per year, about R $ 662 thousand, according to the website’s estimate.

If this system were assembled in Brazil, where each RTX 3080 costs in the range of R $ 7.5 thousand, an assembly like the one made by Byrne would cost R $ 585 thousand. In other words, in Brazil, the system would bring a net income (less the investment in the purchase of plates) of R $ 6,400, if you reach the same benchmark as an American miner.

However, it is necessary to go through another type of mining even more complicated, which is to be able to find an RTX 3080 with a viable price (in the United States they cost between US $ 800 and US $ 900, R $ 4,100 to R $ 4.7 thousand) and, what has become even more difficult, find one available for immediate delivery.

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