RTX 3060: Chinese double crypto ‘mining speed’


A group of Chinese programmers claimed to have been able to “unlock” the RTX 3060 to reach a 50 MH / s hashrate, doubling the expected performance of the GPU. Miners say they have created a mod that manages to outperform the performance that was regulated by Nvidia.

The technology company had announced in February that the video card would have components to limit mining. GPU performance can reach between 40 MH / s and 45 MH / s. If cryptocurrency-related activities were detected, the number drops to between 20 MH / s and 25 MH / s.

According to the website Wccftech, modders took advantage of the loophole that the card apparently only has limiters for the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Therefore, the system was circumvented so that the mining of the Octopus virtual currency could be done.

An alleged proof of “fraud” in the system was published by the profile I_Leak_VN on Twitter. The screen shot shows the GeForce RTX 360 using an algorithm to mine above 45 MH / s. The image also shows that 8 graphics cards were being used to achieve hash rates above 360 ​​MH / s.

A Vietnamese Facebook group claimed to have done the tests with the Chinese mod and revealed to have achieved hashrates above 50 MH / s.

Until the publication of this article, Nvidia had not taken a position on the subject. The company even launched a specific mining GPU to prevent gaming parts from being used for this purpose.

The use of video cards for games in the cryptocurrency sector has even generated a rise in prices around the world.


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