Royal titles revoked: Queen Margrethe apologizes!


This decision of Queen Margrethe (82 years old) caused problems! Just over a week ago, the Danish monarch announced that some of her grandchildren would no longer carry royal titles. This decision affected the children of her son Prince Joachim (53 years old) — he was not at all enthusiastic about him and shared his disappointment in a statement. The reaction of her offspring did not leave Margrethe indifferent: now the queen makes an official apology!

A detailed statement by the 82-year-old man was published on Sunday in the profile of the Danish royal family on Instagram. In it, Margrethe explained that the possession of a royal title entails a number of duties and responsibilities — in the future they should be assigned to a smaller number of members of the royal family. “I made the decision as a queen, mother and grandmother, but as a mother and grandmother I underestimated how it affected my youngest son and his family. I am very sorry,” the statement reads.

Margrethe further stressed in her statement that no one should doubt “that my children, my sons—in-law and grandchildren are my great joy and my pride!” The relationship between the Queen and her son is still clouded: as Joachim himself showed, after his mother’s decision, there was initially radio silence.


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