Royal era dating differences from Netflix drama


Bridgerton, the sassy Netflix series, offers a refreshing take on the period drama genre, eschewing hats and stolen glances for something a little more contemporary. In turn, the drama is based on Julia Quinn’s novel “The Duke and I (2000)” and follows Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) in her search for love and marriage.

Throughout the first season of Bridgerton, viewers are privy to a series of opulent dances throughout the season where men and women meet with the goal of making a suitable match.

Considering that men and women were kept quite separate in the Georgian period, these formal occasions allowed them to interact while searching for a potential spouse.

In some respects, this was the Regency era equivalent to going out and finding a suitable mate. On her side, dating expert Hayley Quinn shared her thoughts on the dating game in today’s society compared to Bridgeton times.

Likewise, Quinn said that a great deal had changed in the intervening years, namely the sexual revolution that freed women from being simply chattels to be sold at a price.

She also claimed that the sole purpose of relationships now was not just marriage to men and women who had to make active decisions about the type of relationship they wanted. However, there was still pressure to find a lasting relationship with women defined by their marital status of being a miss or a lady.

“As a society, we are on the path of people not being strictly defined by gender roles, but many people still hope that men will take the first step and that women will be recipients of their advances,” Hayley explained.

“However, even in the 1800s, women used to drop a handkerchief or wave their fan to show interest; so dating has always been more of a two-way street than it initially seems, “she added.

On the flip side, with Netflix giving the green light to the second season of Bridgerton, fans will be returning this version of English-ruled Shondaland in no time and will once again be diving into the dating game of the time. Similarly, the second outing will be an adaptation of “The Viscount Who Loved Me (2006)” with the focus on Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and his search for a wife.

Bridgerton fans are likely to get a slightly different experience of the dating game in this period and may see things more from a male point of view in contrast to Daphne’s perspective in the first installment of the Netflix show.


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