Royal Commentator Accuses Prince Harry of Leaving Out The “Most Attractive Quality” of Princess Diana, Comparing Her to Meghan Markle


In “Harry and Meghan,” Prince Harry found similarities between his wife Meghan Markle and the late Princess Diana. The Duke believes that the former American actress is similar to the late Princess of Wales, as she has the same compassion, empathy, confidence and warmth. He also reflected on how the Duchess went through the same media trial and atrocities by members of the royal family as his mother.


Prince Harry is not the only one who compares Meghan Markle to Princess Diana. Many royal fans also described the Force Majeure graduate as a folk princess who gracefully chose her mother-in-law’s torch. Therefore, viewers were amazed by the constant mention of Princess Diana in the Netflix documentary series. However, royal commentator Richard Eden was unhappy that Prince Harry did not touch on the most attractive quality of his late mother.

Eden takes a close look at the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Show on Netflix

The royal commentator looked extremely upset that Prince Harry did not praise his mother for the same attitude towards both children. Richard Eden said that even in the most difficult times of her life, the late Princess Diana never showed any partiality for her two sons. She always made sure that Prince Harry was not overshadowed by his older brother, Prince William, the future king. Eden told how the late royal once expressed her displeasure with the late Queen Elizabeth II for paying more attention to her eldest grandson, forgetting about the younger one.

“He doesn’t remember one of Diana’s most attractive qualities. Even in the depths of her despair over her marriage to Prince Charles, she never sought to give preference to one son over another,” said Richard Eden, quoted by the Daily Mail.

In addition, the royal commentator also did not rate Harry and Meghan. He believes that with the documentary series, the Duke of Sussex buried his image of a handsome and brave soldier who was compliant. Eden called the show a “partial and one-sided denunciation” of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry against the British media and members of the royal family.

Like Prince Harry, do you also believe that Meghan Markle bears a resemblance to the late Princess Diana? Share it with us in the comments below.


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