Royal Author Claims Meghan Markle Suspended Spotify Podcast More from ‘PR Exercise’


After a disastrous month due to the sad death of the Queen, everything finally began to return to normal. By the way, everyone’s attention once switched to Meghan Markle from Her Majesty. The Duchess of Sussex was again at the center of criticism. This time, royal experts are commenting on her Spotify podcast.

The former working royal worked with her sweat and tears to win the respect she deserves, but it seems that even after refuting the accusations, nevertheless, suspicion persists. Although Markle strongly advocated for gender equality, according to royal experts, this was enough.

Royal experts called Meghan Markle’s suspension of her Spotify podcast a PR move

Royal writer and biographer Daniela Elser has published information about a huge list of Megan’s shortcomings. In a news article for the New Zealand Herald, she issued a disclaimer saying, “The spotlight is on Meghan Markle’s biggest mistake.” According to her, Megan allegedly “lacks contribution” to the fight for “gender equality”. In particular, she took aim at her Spotify podcast, saying that her releases are currently suspended because the Queen’s death was more of a “PR exercise.”

Her point of criticism was the lack of any steps or actions taken regarding what was promised. “Talking is great, but where’s the sequel?” she asked. According to her words and sermons, Megan was supposed to become the main feminist of the country. She claims that the Duchess has the passion, brains, connections and knowledge of the media to really do the kind of work that can make a difference.

Citing Roe v. Wade as a “passionate, eloquent, urgent case” that the Supreme Court rejected, Danielle expected Meghan to appear in this extremely important case. However, Markle has yet to comment on this.

After a pause in the Spotify podcast, the Duchess of Sussex also canceled her appearance on the red carpet. She announced that she would not attend the gala concert dedicated to the September issue of Variety Magazine “The Power of Women”. Nevertheless, the event on September 28 will be dedicated to her, despite her absence, in order to maintain the status quo.

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