Royal Author Angela Levine Launches Scorching Attack on Meghan Markle, Says She Would Be ‘Nobody Without Members of The Royal Family’


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry found themselves at the center of a heated debate that followed their Netflix documentary. Haters ranging from royal fans to other news experts have come out against the Duchess of Sussex. The couple was not spared by legitimate journalists and authors like Piers Morgan and Angela Levin.


After watching the first three episodes of the latest documentary series about Harry and Meghan, royal writer Angela Levin became furious against the Duchess. Since the former made several explosive comments about the royal family and their behavior, Markle has faced harsh accusations coming from all sides. In addition to this, Levin sat down on GBnews to once again become bitter against the former American actress.

Angela Levin pours hatred on Meghan Markle after the release of the documentary series

As soon as the interview began, Angela Levine abruptly stated that Meghan Markle “would be nothing without the royal family.” She further ridiculed the lack of gratitude and respect for the century-old Imperial Family of Great Britain. Speaking about various contradictory remarks about those set out in the six-part documentary series, Levin set fire to news sets (figuratively speaking). A well-known critic could not resist calling the Duchess “shameful” for the once great hierarchy of Britain.

However, this isn’t the first time a royal writer has hurled verbal insults at Meghan Markle. Again and again, the author closely follows the Duchess and her every move. She launched many furious attacks on the self-exiled couple, joking in her thoughts about stripping them of their titles. Back in a conversation with GB News, Levin accused Markle of leaving the Palace road. She accused her of wanting to control everything. According to her claims, Markle thought she knew better and wanted to “unquestioningly enforce her rules.”

There was also a big fiasco related to the death of the queen. When the world witnessed the Duchess wiping tears from her face in a bad mood, the royal biographer criticized Markle’s gestures. Angel Levin then also joked, saying that the Duchess is not sincere.

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