Rowaan Kneels Down to Meet Jo Bo Ah in The Upcoming Fantasy Romantic Drama “Destined With You”


Rawoon from SF9, Jo Bo Ah, Ha Jun and Yura from Girl’s Day have been confirmed for the lead roles in the upcoming drama “Destined with You“!

JTBC’s “Destined with You” is a fantasy novel that tells the love story of a woman who received a forbidden book sealed 300 years ago and a man who became a victim of a forbidden book. The drama will be written by the screenwriter of “My Prince for 100 Days” No Ji Sul, and directed by Nam Ki-hoon from “Oh, My Baby” and “The Voice 3”.

Roan will play the handsome, intelligent and popular lawyer Jang Shin Yu, who finds himself involved in a series of unexpected events due to a terrifying curse inherited from the Joseon era. Meanwhile, Jo Bo Ah will play Lee Hong Jo, a retiring civil servant who is surprisingly unpopular with men despite her good looks, personality and job.

Jang Shin Yu finds a job in Onju City as a lawyer to stay close to Lee Hong Jo after she discovers a wooden box inside a temple on Mount Onju with forbidden documents inside, hoping that the spells inside the document can free him from cursing. The drama also stars Ha Jun and Yura from Girl’s Day.

On January 17 , the first shots of Rawoon and Jo Bo Ah were published . In the heartbreaking scene, Jang Shin Yu famously kneels down, extending his hand to Lee Hong Jo, who is crouching on the floor.

The premiere of the film “Destined for you” will take place in 2023. Follow the news!


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