Round 6: Youtuber Recreates The Series’ Scenarios And Will Play The Game In Real Life


Round 6: The Youtuber Jimmy Donaldson — better known as Mr. Beast — shared on his networks this Thursday (4) the first images of the “sets” replicas of Round 6. In recent weeks, the content creator had already announced that he would try to recreate the games seen in the series, but the similarity of the scenarios surprised fans a lot.

In the photos, Donaldson appears painting the walls of the “giant” playground, as well as posing in the middle of the village where the characters play marbles. “Wish the 456 participants good luck next week,” he wrote in the post.

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Participants were selected, according to youtuber, at random through their profile on TikTok. The person who stays until the end will receive the prize of US$456,000. To recreate all the scenarios, Donaldson must spend about $2 million, he says.

How the idea came about

The initiative came in early October, after the publication of a viral youtuber video on TikTok. Donaldson claimed that if he got 10 million likes, he would make “Real Life Round 6“. Just two days later, he confirmed the game.

Obviously, the games won’t be deadly like those featured in the series. Details about the games or which people were selected are not yet known.