Round 6: Why The Series Has This Name Only In Brazil?


Round 6: If you’ve Googled Round 6 in the last few days, you’ve likely come across the other name in the series: Squid Game. The information caught the attention of the Brazilian public, considering that the country, apparently, was one of the only ones to change the original name of the series.

The original title of the work is Ojingeo Geim, which means Lula’s Game. Thus, the name was translated into other languages, with Squid Game in the English-speaking regions, El Juego de Calamar in Spanish and Le jeu du Calmar in French. In Brazil, however, it was “translated” to Round 6.

Political issues?

On social media, viewers began to speculate on the reason for the switch. Many even claim that it is for political reasons. “They changed the name just so as not to associate with Lula (pre-candidate for the presidency by the PT and former president of the republic)”, said one user. “It was for political reasons as Lula is a possible candidate, and that would be used as a meme all the time,” someone else said.


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