Round 6: Series VIP Actor Comments That Fans Send Him Sexual Invites


Round 6: Netflix’s newest South Korean series, Round 6, has become streaming’s most watched and is a worldwide phenomenon, attracting fans from all over the world and turning the show’s cast into true stars.

In addition to the main characters, who participate in the games, the actors who played the VIPs who will watch the series’ violent disputes gained visibility and much repercussion for their eccentric roles. But, after all, how was the public’s reaction to the Round 6 VIPs?

Check out the actors’ reports on the reception of fans with their characters below!

How did fans receive the VIP actors after the series?

One of the actors from Round 6, Daniel C. Kennedy, who played VIP Two, commented that he suffers from depression and as a result it was very difficult to deal with some criticism from the audience at first, but he managed to get back on his feet after a period of personal reflection. about this very famous project.

John D. Michaels, another actor who brings a VIP to life, answered questions about the characters’ “artificial” English during his appearance. The actor reported that it was very difficult for them to give the correct intonation, as they took the script without the context of the series and ended up trying to look like arrogant millionaires.

Actor Geoffrey Giuliano, who plays VIP 4, best known as the one who asks the detective to take off his costume and mask, said he was enjoying all the recognition, as well as receiving some unusual and sexual invitations from both men and women who watched the series.

That the actors gained a lot of visibility, this cannot be denied. But the reception is not always as expected. However, everything seems to be going relatively well for the new actors.

And you, what did you think of the new series from Netflix?


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