Round 6: Series Costumes Go Viral On The Web And Promise Inspired Halloween


Round 6: With the success of the Round 6 series, just released by Netflix, fans all over the world are already drawing inspiration from the production to succeed on Halloween, using the traditional uniforms of players and supervisors in real versions and leveraging the searches for the latest items of seasonal fashion.

According to a report by Variety, sales and demand for tailored uniforms from the South Korean series have been in full swing in recent weeks, and customers from all over the world are ordering custom costumes to look good on October 31st. White Vans shoes, for example, have registered an impressive increase in sales of 7800% since the launch of production, while standard shoes in the slip-on format, meaning no laces, have had their search volume increased by 97%.

In addition, the supervisors’ red jumpsuits, as when La Casa de Papel was launched, are also on the rise, with several people matching the costumes with custom fencing masks to complete the look revealed by the characters. When it comes to style, searches online and in brick-and-mortar stores have increased 63% in recent weeks.

What do you think about dressing up as a character from Round 6? Do you believe this will be the new trend for Halloween 2021? Leave your opinion in the comments!


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