Round 6: Psychologist Warns About Showing Children’s Series


Round 6: In an interview with People Magazine, psychologist Robin Gurwitch, from Duke University Medical Center, United States, said that children should not watch the Round 6 series, a new hit by Netflix, claiming that the content does not bring anything positive for the children’s audience.

Despite being rated for over 16s, the ease of access for children to adult content on Netflix, especially in homes where there is no oversight, appears to be worrying a US psychiatric authority.

That’s because, in testimony, Dr. Gurwitch warned about the dangers of the series and reinforced the impact that subverting children’s games to violent struggles for survival at all costs can bring to the lives of small viewers.

“I start the chat very simply: ‘There’s been a lot of talk about this new show, Round 6. Tell me what you’ve heard about it.’ That way you get an idea of ​​where the child is coming from,” he explains.

“So, ‘what do you think about that? How did you feel?’ Discuss what’s going on and how we treat others, and what’s appropriate with our friends when we play.”

The psychologist’s statement is not the first to attack the narrative conduct of Round 6, and other institutions such as the Communal d’Erquelinnes Center in Belgium and White Plains city superintendent Joseph Ricca also shared his views, reiterating that “it is never appropriate to play at hurting [children] to each other” and about the importance of communicating with children to instruct them about not participating in practices that instigate violence.

“Make sure you are aware of the content your children are accessing online and talk to them about NOT playing violent ‘games’ at school… We don’t want anyone to get hurt and we don’t want to inflict disciplinary punishment on students who don’t really understand what they are enacting”, concluded the Belgian institute.


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