Round 6: Potato Chip Doll Is Real; See Where To Visit It!


Round 6: You know that “cute” doll from the first of the six Round 6 challenges? Because she is not a mere scenographic object, but a real giant doll that, according to information from the website Koreaboo, guards the entrance to a horse carriage museum called Macha Land. Scary? Well wait until you find out she has a twin sister!

This post from an Instagram user brings proof that the Round 6 doll is actually in the park, which is just three hours from Seoul — the capital of South Korea — in Jincheon County. If you’re brave enough, you can go there and visit!

The park doll is the one the show’s producers borrowed to film. But there was an incident: when they returned her, she was missing a hand. Even so, the giant doll is still on display.

What about your twin sister? Following the success of the series, a replica of the doll was recently seen on the crosswalk of a shopping mall in Manila, Philippines. The Filipino doll monitors passersby who approach the track, while singing the game’s strange song, just like in the series.

If a pedestrian tries to cross the lane with a red sign, she turns her head and blinks her red LED eyes directly at him. But, luckily, that’s where the immersion ends, with no dead or injured. However, here is a tip: always wait for the green light to cross the street.

View a Reuters report on the action:


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