Round 6: Netflix Launches Korean Series Shirts And Sweatshirts


Round 6: Recently, Netflix decided to invest in a clothing store for some of its productions. The website sells content from some series on the streaming platform, such as Sex Education, Lupin, The Witcher and other options. The store’s latest release is Round 6 series products.

Round 6 clothes

Among the materials sold on the Korean series are official t-shirts and sweatshirts, including a sweater model and nine t-shirt design options. All models have the show’s name written in Korean.

The options are artistic drawings inspired by the series and some images from the program, such as The Host and the game’s security. The most creative and interesting alternative, even more for a possible Halloween party, are the shirts that seek to imitate the clothes of the participants of the game.

On the website, fans of Korean production can choose the number of which participants they want. The available options are numbers 001, 067, 218 and 456.


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