Round 6: Netflix Is Already Studying Ways To Make Season 2 Of The Series Possible


Attention: this text contains spoilers from the 1st season of Round 6.

Round 6 remains among the most watched series on the Netflix streaming platform since its debut on September 17 this year. With all the success — as the most watched title in 90 countries, including Brazil —, a lot has been speculated about the possibility of a 2nd season. But is it really possible for it to happen?

Korean sitcom Round 6 tackles human weaknesses from a very original point of view. 456 people with large debts are called to participate in a deadly game in exchange for an unimaginable amount of money — which only one participant takes, as all the others die in the process.

The series ends up leading the viewer to a lot of moral questioning and left the audience wanting more. Regarding the possibility of a Season 2 of Round 6, however, series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk had said in an interview with Variety magazine that he did not intend to return to work on production. He stated that the production of Season 1 was a long and stressful process.

But Netflix seems to be interested in a sequel, as Round 6, as well as other productions made in languages ​​other than English — such as Lupine and La Casa de Papel — have been crucial to the platform’s success.

Now, the company has released an update about the possibility of a 2nd season of Round 6. In it, Netflix commented on the chances and also the timeline of an eventual second season of the Korean hit. According to the head of Global TV at Netflix, Bela Bajaria, the platform is interested: it is just waiting for Dong-hyuk to do so.

In an interview with Vulture magazine, the executive discussed the likelihood and potential timeline for Season 2 of Round 6. “He has a movie and stuff he’s working on,” Bajaria said of the showrunner. She also emphasized that Netflix is ​​”trying to find the right structure for it”.

In other words: the 2nd season of Round 6 may take a while, but it has big chances to happen. Hwang himself said he wants to take some time off before returning for season two. There is also the chance that he may decide not to return to the franchise, which would lead to a change in creative oversight in the future.


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