Round 6: Man Is Sentenced To Death For Taking Series To North Korea


Round 6: North American radio station Free Asia revealed last week that copies of Round 6, the South Korean series, had been smuggled into North Korea on USB sticks. Now, according to the vehicle, the man who allegedly took the contents to the country has been sentenced to death by the North Korean government.

In addition, the student who bought a copy of the series was sentenced to life in prison, while colleagues who watched the episodes must do five years of forced labor.

“It all started last week, when a high school student bought a pen drive containing Round 6 and watched it with a friend in class. The friend told other students, who were interested and circulated the pendrive. They were caught by censors after being denounced,” a source explained to Radio Free Asia.

Staff and teachers at the school, where the series was watched, will be sent to remote mines for forced labor.

New law

This was the first time the North Korean government had applied the Law and the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture, enacted late last year. With it, the state has the right to condemn any citizen who watches or distributes titles produced in rival capitalist countries, such as the United States and South Korea, for example.