Round 6: Fried Potatoes 1 2 3 Back To Terrify Fans In Bizarre Video; Look!


Round 6: In a video shared through their social networks, Netflix re-lived some of the great moments of the South Korean series Round 6, now starting from a slightly more frightening and immersive experience inspired by the Potato doll 1 2 3.

The footage, which suggests it’s just another short video with footage from the production’s first episode, has a major twist after the deadly statuesque play doll leaves the screen and breaks the fourth wall. In the best Samara style, from The Call, the unexpected reaction of the game’s antagonist is capable of catching a lot of people off guard, facing the spectator and heading towards him with open arms.

Check out the publication released by the streaming platform below:

It is worth stressing that the content was not officially produced by the company, but by 3D artist Jake Fellman, who developed his own fanfic in which Round 6 games are taken to a more realistic universe inspired by horror classics.

Fortunately, the publication arrives at the right time, as it holds the public’s attention even more and raises the fans’ anxiety due to the announcement that the series will receive a second season.

Round 6 is available on Netflix.