Round 6: Creator Confirms Season 2 Of The Series


Round 6 director and creator Hwang Dong-hyuk broke the news that many fans have been waiting for: the series will have a 2nd season. He confessed that the show’s popularity was essential in taking the idea forward.

“There’s been a lot of pressure and demand and a lot of love for a 2nd season. So, I feel like we don’t have a choice, so I would say there will definitely be a 2nd season. It’s in my head right now and I’m currently thinking about that plan,” Dong-hyuk told the Associated Press.

“But I think it’s too early to say when and how [season 2] will happen,” added the director, making it clear that there’s no prospect of a release date yet.

The speech is pertinent because until now the creator of Round 6 had not been giving signs that the series would have a sequel. In September, he even said he had no plans, as working on the production was “very tiring”. Also, Dong-hyuk has already said that at the moment his head is in the movie KO Club, that he has been writing the script.

Despite the confirmation, it is important to make it clear that Netflix has not yet commented on the matter. Because of this, the conversations with the director must still be at an early stage.

However, the streaming giant has already publicly shown interest in a 2nd season of Round 6, which is the most watched series in the company’s history. Bela Bajaria, head of Global TV at Netflix, went so far as to say that everything will depend on Hwang Dong-hyuk’s schedule.