Round 6: Chinese Streaming Accused Of Plagiarizing Netflix Series


Round 6 premiered in September and in less than a month has already become the most watched series in Netflix history. The success, of course, also attracted some controversy. The most recent involves Chinese streaming Youku, accused of plagiarizing the South Korean series.

The alleged plagiarism was discovered when the Chinese service sent promotional materials for the series to a TV show. Called Squid’s Victory (Round 6 is Squid Game in English), the series features a poster with geometric symbols very similar to those used in the production of Netflix.

In addition, the series also covers children’s games, as well as Round 6, which features competitions such as “chips 1,2,3” and tug of war. In response to the allegations, Youku claimed that the poster was only a “draft” and would not be official.

Streaming decided to rename the Chinese series, which should now be called Game’s Victory (in Portuguese, “Game Victory”). Netflix has yet to comment on the matter.


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