Round 6 Becomes The Most Watched Series In Netflix history


Round 6: The news everyone was waiting for has finally been made official: Round 6, the South Korean series that has taken over social media in recent weeks, is now the most watched series in Netflix history. According to the company, the production was viewed by more than 100 million subscriber profiles and tuned in by 111 million homes worldwide.

The numbers were released by streaming last Tuesday (12), being just 25 days after the debut of Round 6. As expected, the series surpassed the Bridgerton novel, which had 82 million views in the first eight days after the release.

Unexpected success

It is worth remembering that the success of Round 6 was such that Netflix was sued in South Korea for “monopolizing” the services of one of the largest internet providers in the country. According to the company, the volume of traffic was very large, which requires more maintenance costs to support all the movement.

Round 6 episodes are available on Netflix.


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