Rosie Perez received a guest star role in the film “Green City” [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant has the pleasure to present an exclusive synopsis of this week’s episode of the series “Green Cities of the Big City” called “The Deliverer”, which will air on July 16. The Emmy and Annie Award-winning series was created by comic book authors Chris and Shane Houghton (and executive producer Rob Renzetti, whose previous work includes Gravity Falls), and he was greatly influenced by the small rural town in which the brothers grew up. Many of the beloved characters are based on members of their own families and acquaintances, which only adds to their charm.
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“The Deliverer” marks the debut of Rosie Perez, who has just completed the success of the second season of “Flight Attendant”, in the role of a townswoman. The veteran actress voices Ms. Torres, who is presented as a ping pong fan in the exclusive video “Green Plants of the Big City” provided by the Disney Channel. You can see how Cricket delivers morning coffee, always anticipating the needs of its customers and causing a smile on their faces. Watch the full clip below:
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As soon as Cricket knocks on Miss Torres’ door, she invites him to play ping-pong, to which he immediately agrees. While they hit the ball back and forth, he tells her a story about how he ate a worm, thinking it was a hot dog. Naturally, he ended up in the emergency room, and Miss Torres lost the ball and thus lost the game. Nevertheless, she cheerfully dismisses him and suggests a rematch soon.
Big City Greens co-stars Chris Houghton as Cricket Green, Artemis Pebdani (Scandal) as Gramma Alice, Mariv Herington (How I Met Your Mother) as Tilly Green and Bob Joules (Puss in Boots) as Bill Green. In addition to the main cast, the series features an ever-changing list of recurring characters and guest stars voiced by entertainment industry icons. Thanks to stars like Perez, who drop by to visit Green, and Houghton writes a first-class comedy, the animated show remains a favorite for children of all ages.