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Regret for her action. Rosie O’Donnell reflects on her past treatment of Anne Heche after a car accident left the actress in critical condition.

Peter Facinelli, other stars pray for Ann Heche after car crash

“I can’t stop thinking about this incident with Ann Heche, about how terrible it all is, and I feel bad for making fun of her when she talked to Barbara Walters about her relationship with space aliens,” O’Donnell, 60, says in the TikTok video, published on Sunday, August 7.

O’Donnell’s comments stem from a 2001 20/20 interview in which 53-year-old Heche claimed she created a “fantasy world” and a second identity after being sexually harassed by her father, Donald Heche.

“I had a fantastic world that I escaped to. I named my other personality Celestia,” the “It Remains” star explained at the time, claiming that she also has supernatural abilities. “I believed that I was from that world. I thought I was from another planet. I think I was crazy.”

A year later, O’Donnell commented on a strange interview during a charity ovarian cancer research at the Carolines Comedy Club in Times Square in Manhattan.

“What the hell is this train wreck?” The “Their Own League” star reportedly asked the crowd before joking about the sexuality of Heche and her ex-partner Ellen DeGeneres. “She couldn’t just say, ‘I’ve been a lesbian for two years, it didn’t work out for me?’

O’Donnell’s latest TikTok, which was titled “Sunday Walk,” further stated that Heche was intoxicated before a car accident that left her in “critical condition” on Friday.

“If we have an honest conversation about drunk driving, we’ll discover how pervasive it is, and it’s terrible, isn’t it?” said the “Sleepless in Seattle” actress, wondering if the Chicago Police Department alum was OK. “I think it’s a miracle she didn’t kill anyone… and I hope she survives. But wow, what a tragic story. This car, they say, burned for a long time,” she added.

Celebrity injuries over the years

The View graduate then used the clip to urge her fans to seek help from alcoholism. “Try it before it’s too late,” she said. “Try it before you go down.”

O’Donnell’s thoughts about Heche came after the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to Us Weekly on Friday that the driver, whom they did not identify at the time, was allegedly speeding while driving east on Preston Way in Los Angeles. According to KTLA, the blue Mini Cooper left the road when it entered the intersection of Preston and Walgrove, which has a stop sign. The car collided with a house in the 1700 block of Walgrove at about 11:00 Pacific time, causing both the car and the house to catch fire.

Initially, a representative of Heche told us that after the accident, she is “currently in stable condition.” However, on Monday, a representative confirmed that the Ohio native “is in extremely critical condition, she has serious lung damage requiring mechanical ventilation and burns requiring surgery,” adding that she “is in a coma and has not regained consciousness since.” after the accident.”

Celebrity health problems over the years

Former Hech James Tapper, with whom she shares a son Atlas, 13, on Friday asked fans for all the best. “Thoughts and prayers for this beautiful woman, actress and mother tonight, annehech 💔 we love you,” the 57—year-old “Big Little Lies” alum wrote on Instagram along with a photo of the “People in Trees” star with her child.

The star also has a son Homer, 20, from ex-husband Coleman Laffoon.


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