Rose wants to dance like Lisa while still a trainee


On July 31, BLACKPINK released the fifth episode of their own reality show entitled ’24 / 365 With BLACKPINK ‘on their YouTube channel.

In that episode BLACKPINK is reminiscing about their times when they were trainees at YG Entertainment.

Rose also revealed that she never danced before she joined YG Entertainment. Jennie taught him the basic dance moves. However, Rose began to be inspired to dance better than Lisa.

Rose said, “I never danced before I became a trainee. Jennie taught me basic movements when I was just a trainee. My mentally disturbed because we have to do it for months. But I started to want to dance better after I saw Lisa dance. She is very good at dancing and makes me think ‘I want to dance as well as her (Lisa)’. ”

Jisoo and Jennie also agreed to Rose’s words by adding that Lisa was well known for her dance skills when she was a trainee.

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