Rosé shared updates on her career and her pet with BLINK


Rosé interacted with her fans through social media and shared the latest activities she has done at the start of the new year.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé is gearing up for her long-awaited solo debut in 2021, she has also shared her new life alongside her pet Hank, as well as messages with BLINK on social media.

The K-pop group from YG is ready to start the new year with new activities, their first live online will be held in late January, music videos were also recorded Rose and Lisa also Jisoo amazed at the screen with her starring In the drama “Snowdrop,” Jennie is expected to join the agenda for the next few months.

Through her official Instagram account, BLACKPINK’s Rosé made a live broadcastto share with BLINK the latest updates on her career and her daily routine. The pandemic still continues, so the idol shared in her messages that they will take good care of themselves and stay safe. Rosé

recently decided to adopt a dog, a pet that has become a fan favorite and the official of the girlgroup . The singer decided to share how her new best friend has grown up, the meaning behind his name, and talked about the spoilers for her solo.


During her live, Rosé decided to explain the name of her new pet, the idol said that her celebrity crush is Tom Hanks, so she named him “Hank” in honor of the actor. On her Instagram account, she adorably admitted that she spent a lot of time thinking about the name, but BLINK discovered it and felt embarrassed.


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About her solo , during a Chinese online fan meeting, Rosé revealed to a fan a mini spoiler from her first solo single. The singer sang the tune of the song that she described as “ehh, ah”and promised not to give any more advances until it is released, expectations increased after she updated her profile on Instagram and the name of “Lovesick Girls” disappeared .

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Regarding the growth of her pet , the idol said that she gained more than a kilo and a half since she came into her life, so her condition is healthy. BLINK hopes that he will perform new lives again to continue interacting with them.

The BLACKPINK idol is a talented and popular girl, an ambassador for brands like Yves Saint Laurent, but there is just one thing she has a hard time doing.


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