Rosé premieres On The Ground and reaches the top of the music charts


The most anticipated day for BLACKPINK fans is here. The member officially released her solo work. BLACKPINK’s Rosé made her solo debut with her album “-R-“, whose title track is titled “On The Ground”. The idol has already broken her first records on different music platforms.

The K-pop group released their first music project of 2021. After a long wait, BLINK was able to hear the solo voice of Rosé, who described her songs as something of fate, as she worked on “Gone” for two years. The YG agency singer will release her physical album on March 16.

Through YG’s official social media and music platforms, BLACKPINK’s Rosé released “On The Ground”, the title track from her debut album “-R-“,which is speculated to have already reached 400 pre-orders, being one of the biggest releases for a Korean solo artist.

As part of her promotions, Rosé will perform with Jimmy Fallon at “The Tonight Show”, where she will perform for the first time the performance of “On The Ground” worldwide. She is also expected to premiere a choreography during her attendance at music shows.


So far, the BLACKPINK member has topped the iTunes chart by ranking her debut song at # 1 in over 38 countries. In addition, it managed to reach the first place in the United States chart. The On The Ground MV already registers more than 24 million views almost 12 hours after its premiere.

On the Melon platform, the most important in South Korea, Rosé is positioned in 4th place on the list. The lyrics of her songs were completely in English, as the idol described that she adapted better to the music and the story, so she is satisfied with her final decisions. On “Gone”, she revealed that it was a project she wrote more than two years ago.

The meaning ofOn The Ground portrays the fight against fame, Rosé plays an artist who always struggled to reach the top and did not hesitate to fall. However, in the process she lost herself and her dreams when she discovered that the most important thing is to be yourself. The scenes of the MV show an abandoned and burning theater set, also vintage rooms where the idol faces her self from the past Roseanne who enjoyed music without thinking of fame.

Throughout the MV for On The Ground, Rosé parades in different types of dresses, in the middle of the night and in a field of flowers, all with a vintage concept.

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