Rosé dedicates an emotional letter to her sister Alice


Rosé wants to be the best sister for Alice. Rosé celebrates her sister’s birthday with an emotional letter and a flower arrangement.

BLACKPINK continues with the promotions of “How you like That”, a song that has broken several records thanks to the support of its fans, but the success of the girls and the search for their dreams would not have been possible without the support of their main fans: her family.

Through her Instagram account,Alice, Rosé’s sister,shared a series of photos to thank all the messages, good wishes and presents she received for her birthday . Among her gifts, there a floral arrangement that gave the idol,well as an emotional letter written by hand.

Rosé assured her that her new year of life is full of happiness and laughter, in addition, she promised to be the best younger sister that she could have. The idol moved her fans by confessing to Alice that she is her favorite person in the world.

In social networks, BLINK reacted to the gesture that Rosé had with her sister, admiring the relationship they have as sisters, because if you are not unique you know that sometimes coexistence is not easy, but that person can become your friend … and an accomplice of some antics.

Alice assured that her 27th birthday was calm , but very moving; She also shared a photo next to Rosé through her Instagram Stories, it is not known if it is recent, but most likely, she has given herself time to celebrate with her.

Despite the fact that Rosé had to leave her hometown in New Zealand, she has managed to fulfill her dreams worldwide with BLACKPINK. At the moment, the girls are getting ready for their second pre-launch, will they manage to overcome the success of How You Like That?

Also taking advantage of her free time is Lisa, who performed a new dance cover to the tune of Chris Brown’s “City Girls” , the idol shared her new video through her Lili Film channel.

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