Today is a very special day for BLACKPINK and BLINK since Rosé is celebrating another year of life. The idol is celebrating its 23rd birthday (24 in South Korea) and the social media party has already begun.

BLINK’s worldwide union has taken Twitter to send messages of love and congratulations to Chae Young, so that throughout the day they will be remembering memorable moments of the singer’s career, to do so, fans chose hashtags # OurMusicianRoséDay, and both have already managed to obtain a prominent position in social networks.

Recall that in addition to his role as a singer and dancer, Rosé has shown us his development as an MC and model on different occasions, with many merits that the girl has achieved, becoming a worldwide celebrity.

Funny moments, impressive fancams and his charming charisma have been some of the most tweeted publications by BLINK, who in addition to celebrating have shown their nostalgia for looking at the past and seeing how much Rosé has grown both professionally and in his personality .

Look here some of the posts that go through the networks on the occasion of the birthday celebration of the BLACKPINK member. Do you remember any time that should be included as part of this list? Tell us about him and join the hashtags to commemorate this special day.


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