Rose Byrne Tries to Get Better in Physical Season 2 [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant is happy to present exclusively an excerpt from the episode of the 2nd season of Physical, which will be released this week, entitled “Don’t you want to get better?”. The premiere will take place on July 29 on Apple TV+, and it will be the penultimate episode of the season. The main character of the series, Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne), may have started the second season well and continued to struggle with personal and professional problems, but now she is struggling with difficulties when her best friend and her husband found out about her eating disorder.

Not only is Sheila running from her health issues in season 2 of “Physical,” she has to contend with the fact that her husband Danny (Rory Scovel)┬áhe knows that she cheated on him with his sworn enemy, Mormon businessman John Brim (Paul Sparks). Having avoided public humiliation by paying her former aerobics partner Bunny (Della Saba) and Bunny’s boyfriend Tyler (Lou Taylor Pucci), there’s nothing she can do to prevent the personal humiliation she experienced last week after dropping out of a treatment facility in favor of working with Vincent Green (Murray Bartlett)- only to realize that he’s no better than she is.

Perhaps that is why Sheila finds herself in a treatment center in an exclusive clip of Screen Rant from season 9 of the 2nd season of the TV series “Physical”. . The voice in Sheila’s head is just as insulting, telling her to get out of there when it becomes clear that no one needs her. Watch the full clip provided by Apple TV+ below:

Fortunately, one patient comes to Sheila’s aid before her inner voice becomes external. After the first woman declares that music is fun and modern exercises are good for health, Sheila soon finds further support in the group and is invited to a swim of gratitude to the body. She may prefer to “bathe in acid” rather than join her new potential friends, but, nevertheless, she manages to agree to go. It remains to be seen whether season 2 of the series will end on a high note or Sheila will retreat again, faced with a new crisis.

“Physical” was created by Annie Weissman, who is also the executive producer of the series. “Don’t You Want to Get Better” was directed by executive producer Stephanie Laing, who directed most of the episodes. The script was written by Coleman Herbert, who also wrote the 7th episode of the season. The finale will take place next week, and each new episode will be available weekly on Apple TV+.

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