Rosé and Jisoo share details of their plans for 2021


BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Rosé surprised BLINK on Christmas Eve, in South Korea it’s already December 24, and they decided to share the details of their upcoming plans in 2021 as a gift.

The YG girl group spent the last hours before Christmas Eve together with their fans, who are ready to greet 2021 with new releases such as Jisoo’s drama, their first online concert, and Rosé’s possible debut solo. The idols also revealed the gifts they received at the end of the year parties.

Through her personal Instagram account, Jisoo met Rosé at the studio and held a live broadcast that recorded more than 200,000 viewers. The girls shared various messages and funny moments with their fans as a Christmas gift, because in 2021 they will return with new group and solo projects.

During the live, the idols joked about the way of raising Hank, the puppy that Rosé adopted recently, Jisoo joked about the way in which her partner steals her attention, saying that it was a hoax to make her believe that she has food every time who calls it. They also tried to do various heart poses, but they couldn’t coordinate.


Currently, Jisoo is in the middle of the recordings of “Snowdrop”, her first drama as a leading actress, she assured that after the positive case that occurred between the cast, security is much greater and BLINK should not worry, she also thanked him to Rosé for the foodstruck he sent her as a gift.

Regarding BLACKPINK’s online concert, the girls wanted to reward the fans after postponing the online event, scheduled for a month, so they decided to greet them before Christmas so that they would not be bored this weekend, in addition, Rosé explained that when is with Jisoo there is a topic of conversation and the lives are more dynamic.

The idols appreciated all the holiday gifts they received from BLINK, even Hank received gifts. They also reiterated to everyone that December 24 should be spent at home and use the mask, because they want it to be a safe Christmas for everyone.

Rosé and Jisoo tried to read all the comments received, gave a special congratulatory greeting to the rhyme of “Last Christmas” while repeating “Merry Christmas”. On social media, BLINK shared various messages, photos, and clips from the Chaensoo meeting.

Recently, Rosé expressed her support to her groupmate and sent a great gift to the set of Snowdrop.


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