Rosario Dawson returns comments on the return of John Bernthal’s “The Punisher”


With the return of Charlie Cox as Daredevil, Marvel fans are eager for more news about other possible comebacks. Now, at the recent C2E2 convention, Rosario Dawson may have missed the return of “The Punisher” John Bernthal.

Dawson played Claire Temple in the “Defenders” universe created by Netflix, and is currently starring in the series “Ahsoka” for the streaming service Disney Plus. Dawson appeared at C2E2, Chicago Comic-Con, as a guest, and let a potential bombshell ring out during a panel on Sunday.

Late Sunday, Dawson quickly took to Twitter to refute her reservation, saying a fan had told her the Punisher would be back. She was too excited about the prospect of working with Bernthal on The Punisher project, since it was the only show from the Defenders universe that she didn’t have to work on. Watch the original video below, and then take a look at Dawson’s Twitter tweet late Sunday night. Bernthal starred in the Netflix adaptation of The Punisher series as Frank Castle, an anti-hero vigilante seeking revenge on those who killed his family. Castle made his debut in the Defenders universe in the second season of Daredevil, which soon led to its spin-off. The show did not last long, despite positive reviews, and was canceled after the second season.

Marvel Studios has not made any announcement about the return of the vigilante decorated with skulls, but it would make sense if it did. The Defenders universe is gradually starting to appear in the MCU, starting from the moment when Vincent D’Onofrio appeared in the first season of Hawkeye, and Charlie Cox reprised his role as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Home. Both will return to their roles in the upcoming series “Daredevil: Born Again”, which is due to be released in 2024. for release in 2024 and the Disney Plus series “Echo”.

In addition to the poorly rated series “Iron Fist”, the group of TV series “Defenders of Netflix” was very well received by both fans and critics. Never officially recognized by Marvel Studios as part of the MCU as it existed at the time, it appears that Marvel Studios has a comprehensive plan to integrate at least some of the Defenders characters into the new MCU after the Avengers: Finale world.

With the introduction of the multiverse concept into the mix, it’s unclear whether the integration of Daredevil and possibly Frank Castle can be attributed to the failures of universe fusion in recent films, or whether they’ve just been in the shadows the entire time that the Avengers saga has played out. With D23 on the horizon, it remains to be seen if there will be a statement from Disney and Marvel Studios about Frank Castle’s return after Rosario Dawson’s comments.

Seasons 1-2 of The Punisher are now available on Disney Plus.


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