Rosalía suffers the effects of the quarantine


The singer asked her fans if they suffer from compulsive hunger.

Bored, sleepy, hungry , wanting to cut your hair? Social isolation has had more than one on the verge of collapse due to the hours they spend locked up in their homes.

Rosalía is no exception, the singer decided to share a message with her fans to ask them if they are also victims of the effects of the quarantine . We tell you what happened.

Through her account Twitter, Rosalie complained of hunger todooo time and wanted to know if only she or is something we are all suffering.

The response from her fans was immediate, some shared memes about her current state: hunger + boredom, err is not a good combination. Not knowing what else to do to occupy our minds, we are distracted by those trips to the refrigerator or the cupboard looking for something to keep us active.

Yum Yum Yum. It is recommended that during quarantine do exercise, you can test your skills as a chef and experiment with simple recipes, like Dalgona Coffe, but ingesting comidad so could join recurring kilos more to the end of the health crisis.

Hungry? Fans joked with the singer and told her that all they wanted to do was listen to her new album.

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