Rosalia Reveals Her Secret To Writing Songs


Many wonder who is behind their inspiration. Rosalía has become one of the most popular artists of the moment thanks to the mix of the urban flamenco genre.

The Spanish singer made history in the Grammy being the first in her country to win the award. But it seems that she has a tip for her music to have great success.

The singer decided to use her social networks to share one of her best secrets to compose . Many of her lyrics are catchy and nobody stops singing them, but there seems to be something else that makes them unique.

Rosalia confessed that when one is in love with some impossible songs are better. Broken heart? Apparently, the singer has her own muse and decided to use that unrequited love to write.

It is not yet known if she is preparing something, but perhaps one day she will reveal an emotional theme about heartbreak.

Some fans were surprised that Rosalia has a platonic crush, others want to know who it could be. OMG Undoubtedly, the celebs also have bad love


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