Rosalía and Billie Eilish’s song is ready for release


The new song that these girls are preparing for their first collaboration only lacks some details

There has long been talk of a collaboration between these two great artists, who have taken over the world with their music reaching high positions on the charts. However, this long-awaited song continues in process and, although fans of both remain curious about the future of this melody, Rosalía has tried to reassure them with a new statement.

The Spanish singer recently spoke to Variety magazine, where she confessed that although she may feel a little overwhelmed by everything that is happening in the world, she feels grateful to be healthy and to be able to stay at home, all this while continuing to work on music. who loves.

Rosalía shared that she has installed a small studio in her house that, although it does not include equipment equal to that of a professional recording studio, it serves her well to continue working and one of the melodies she has focused on is collaboration together Billie Eilish.

According to the singer, she only needs to take care of the last details of this collaboration, since it is almost finished. Rosalía said that Billie still has to send the recording of her voice for this piece of music, but as soon as that happens the song can be finalized.

This could be very good news for fans of both who have been waiting to hear the union of their voices, although with so long it has taken to finish this song, some begin to feel doubtful if that moment really will come. What do you think?


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