Ron Bugado: Animation Shows Friendship Between Boy and Robot


Ron Bugado: 20th Century Studios today released the first trailer for Ron Bugado. The studio’s new animation follows a boy with a difficult relationship and his new robot. Check out the trailer dubbed below:

The animation follows Barney, an elementary school student who has difficulty relating to other people, and Ron, his new robot. While learning to deal with Ron’s functioning problems, Barney embarks on a journey full of action and friendship.

The film features voice acting by Zach Galifianakis (A Warp in Time), Jack Dylan Grazer (It – Chapter 2), Rob Delaney (Tom & Jerry: The Movie), Olivia Colman (The Mitchell Family and the Revolt of the Machines) and Ed Helms (If You Drink, Don’t Marry) in the original version of the animation.

With Sarah Smith, Jean-Philippe Vine and Octavio E. Rodriguez in the direction, Ron Bugado has his debut scheduled for October 21st in Brazil.


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