“Romantic moment”: Emeli Sande is delighted with the engagement


Emeli Sande (35) remembers an unforgettable day. The singer and her partner Yoana Karemova are currently overjoyed — the Briton announced her engagement to the musician about two weeks ago. The “Next To Me” singer revealed her orientation just six months ago. Since then, she has always been in love with her partner. Now Emeli remembered her marriage proposal!

The 35-year-old woman told the Daily Mail that her friend asked her all the questions while driving. “It was a very romantic moment,— says Emeli. “I was driving. I indicated that I wanted to turn left, and she made an offer — very cool and careless. She said, “Well, what are you saying — do you want to be my wife?” And she gave this beautiful ring,” the Brit Awards winner added.

Emeli is already busy making plans for the future — she wants to start a family with her fiance. “One day I would like to have a baby. Balance is the key! […] You want to move up the career ladder, but you are also a woman. If that happens, it will be amazing!” she told The Sun.


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