Romantic dramas where bosses and employees fall in love


Working life in K-Dramas can be the perfect place to fall in love. In the world of Korean dramas, love arises even where we least imagine it, that’s why one of the places that has given way to beautiful romance stories are offices and workplaces, where even characters with opposite personalities discover that they share a special bond.

The boss-employee relationship can lead to a bad relationship between the characters, but when they manage to overcome it, they can also find love.

So here are some of the best love stories in K-Dramas where the boss and an employee fall in love.


The owner of a video game company has been a victim of manners, so he decides to hire a bodyguard, the ideal person to fulfill that role is Bong Soon, since despite his adorable image, he has incredible strength.

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Two childhood friends meet years later in the working life, however their lives have drastically changed, she is no longer the cute and popular girl, while he is no longer the shy and chubby boy of his class. Now that their paths have crossed again, Hye Jin will work as the employee of the handsome Sung Joon and they will be able to support each other.


Yun Woo Jin is the CEO of a company that, due to his personality, cannot properly relate to his employees. Everyone around him thinks it is scary, but when a new employee arrives at the company, she will start to treat him in a lively and fearless way, so her curiosity will help her discover what lies behind the cold personality of her boss.

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Goho is an employee committed to her work at an advertising agency, yet she never receives the recognition she hopes for. Everything changes when her ex-boyfriend starts working in the same company, but he and his boss will have to fight for the love of this girl.


The CEO of a company has managed to grow his company while his loyal secretary works alongside him, yet he decides to resign and prioritize him personal life and dreams. Given this announcement, the head of the secretary Kim will do everything in his power to prevent this girl from leaving him job.


Bong Hee begins working as a practitioner at the prosecution, where he meets Ji Wook, the current prosecutor. Their personalities are not at all compatible, however, after Bong Hee is accused of the murder of him ex-boyfriend, Ji Wok will try to help him and, years later, they will work together in a law firm, where they will discover that there is a special bond. that unites them.


These types of relationships also occur in fantasy stories. The Hotel del Luna is a place with many amenities where, after dying, the spirits can solve their slopes, find calm and later go to the beyond. Man Wol has been in charge of the hotel for hundreds of years, so she will hire a new manager to help her have control of the hotel, however, she will discover that meeting this man was in her destiny and will change her life from unexpected way.


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