Romances in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


We explain all the romances available in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and where the lovers are to know all their secondary stories

One of the great additions that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey brought to the Ubisoft franchise was the possibility of having romances with certain characters and that these would affect the overall plot to a greater or lesser extent. Valhalla maintains this mechanic and we have a wide range of suitors for Eivor. It’s not as practical as a Book of Knowledge or good armor, but the little quests that lead to these romances are enjoyable and fun. So that you do not miss any, and as part of this complete guide, we bring you all the romances that can be had in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

First of all, it must be emphasized that no matter the gender of our or our Eivor, the catalog of potential lovers is the same for both. Some may turn into a lasting relationship, while others will be nothing more than fleeting adventures. To try to start a relationship with a character, we will have to choose the dialogue option in which a heart appears, although many times we will have to spend some time with the character in question before it appears.

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In the mountains of Rygjafylke we can find a frozen pool. Bil will be in it, and he will propose to Eivor to find his comb in the area. It can be located using Odin’s sight and diving to him. Bil will offer to comb Eivor’s hair over a campfire, at which point they can begin their romance if we select the appropriate dialogue.

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During the Wedding Horns mission, after liberating East Anglia, Broder will declare himself to Eivor. We can decide whether to urge the character to continue drinking to evade his proposal or to start a relationship with him.


Sigurd’s wife has secretly loved Eivor for years. We will discover this when, after liberating Cambridge, Eivor sees her friend and sister-in-law down. By selecting the correct dialogue options, we can take her for a walk and have adventures with her during the mission What is taken for granted. At the end of it, we can decide whether to start a romance with her. Of course, depending on how we manage it, this can seriously affect our relationship with Sigurd and the end of the story.

Petra the huntress

After building the hunter’s hut in our settlement, Petra will ask us for help to find her lost brother (Have you seen this man?). After a fun mission, we can start a romance with her.


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